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Ways to develop attention

What is attention? The mental process that concentrates your mind on certain objects, a system for selecting information that allows us to perceive only significant things. Human brain gets a signal, and attention emphasizes it and focuses our perception on it.


The level of attention of each person is different. Someone concentrates on the task easily, and someone has to make great efforts for this. In any case, it is important to develop attention, memory, thinking, because this is the right way to become more efficient, more successful. In order to become better, you can use different ways of developing attention that will help you learn how to focus and concentrate.

Ways to develop attention: six useful exercises

Who should develop attention? Everybody! Attention is the basis of thinking and memory. First of all, employees at work that requires extreme concentration, students and schoolchildren, the elderly, office workers who wish to develop creativity in themselves should devote time to the overall development of attention.

It depends on your willpower how you will progress towards the goal. Fortunately, there are many ways to develop attention effectively.

We have prepared for you a list of effective exercises for concentration that will help to increase the level of your attention in everyday life. To begin with, it is worth to devote five minutes a day to the development of attention. Then the duration of the training can be extended to 10, and then to 15 minutes. Getting started training, the main thing - do not lie. In case you are distracted, the exercise on the development of attention should be started from the scratch.

Final countdown. Count in the reverse order, from 100 to 1. Do not allow your mind to switch to other thoughts: to be distracted by time tracking or the barking of a neighbor’s dog. Focus exclusively on the numbers, and if you find yourself distracted, start over.

Countdown in three. You can proceed to this exercise after you have completed the previous one. This time count from 100 to 1 in three digits. For example: 100, 97, 94, 91. Do not use hints: do not write numbers on a piece of paper or bend your fingers. Be honest with yourself - this is not an easy but effective job.

Concentrate on the word. Think of any word or phrase and focus on it for a couple of minutes. Repeat the word to yourself, without being distracted by the thought of what it means, and why you chose it.

Concentrate on the object. Choose any object that you are familiar with: for example, a pencil or a diary. Focus on it: take a good look at the smallest details, texture, color. During the exercise, do not allow yourself to be distracted by extraneous thoughts.

Concentrate on the image of the object. If you coped with the previous exercise easily, feel free to move on to the new one. Close your eyes and imagine the object that you just remembered in detail: reproduce it in the smallest detail. If you could not recall the details - open your eyes, look at the object again and return to the exercise.

Concentrate on breathing. After all the exercises are over, spend the rest of the time in silence, concentrating on your breathing. Do not be distracted by extraneous thoughts: just inhale and exhale.

In spite of the apparent simplicity, the implementation of these exercises requires great willpower. But there are alternative ways to develop attention.

Attention, along with other higher mental functions, such as memory and thinking, can be developed by working on the game simulators on the Wikium.

The Wikium website has a number of obvious advantages:

At the core of the Wikium simulators are the methods for developing cognitive abilities that have proven to be effective in experiments, and the results of advanced research in the field of neuroscience;

The simulators of the Wikium are designed in such a way that they allow to reveal the brain potential, having received maximum pleasure from the game;

Users who have purchased premium access are given the opportunity to train according to an individual program, based on their strengths and weaknesses, as well as to monitor their progress with the help of complete statistics.

Train on the website or on your own - you are to decide. But remember, the development of attention is the right step towards improving the quality of your own live.


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