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Brain Behavior: How Does It Decide What Is Important?

It is scientifically proven that a person cannot independently choose items that will attract his attention. This is an unconscious process. Can we influence the work of our brain and make decisions consciously?

The brain makes decisions for us, and it is proven. We can only accept it. But how to make the brain make the right decision? Is it possible to influence this crucial part of the human body? 

Give the brain some time

Before you solve any problem, let your brain get used to the information received and accept it. This will help get rid of hasty decisions made automatically. Determine the date or exact time of the decision and prepare for the appointed hour. Try to look at a problem or task from different perspectives.

Use emotions

It is difficult to influence the brain only by logic. Emotional coloring works best. Try to concentrate on positive emotions. If you want the brain to avoid the situation - concentrate on negative emotions. Listen to yourself, analyze the consequences of your decisions. So you can develop new patterns of behavior.

Attention to details

Do not build global plans. Most likely, the brain will face a very heavy volume of things in this and will not be ready to solve them. Divide upcoming affairs into smaller ones, move towards the implementation of the plan in small steps.

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