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Five ways to train the brain to be smart

We all want to become smarter and more successful in this or that activity. To do this, we need to develop our mental abilities and keep the brain in good shape. In order to save your time, and use free time with benefit, we need effective tasks with the expectation of obtaining a result here and now. To do this, we recommend you 5 simple and effective ways to develop mental activity and activate the brain.

1) Develop ambidexterity. It means, use your non-leading hand in various activities, for example, brush your teeth in the morning, comb or use a computer mouse. Try writing a small text at the same time with both hands or swap the knife and fork during a meal.

Numerous studies of scientists have proved the functional specialization of the hemispheres of the brain. In the work of some mental functions the left hemisphere is the leading one, in the other – the right. This particular principle of construction and implementation of various mental functions (attention, memory, perception, etc.) consists in interhemispheric asymmetry of the cerebral hemispheres. Nowadays, it is believed that the right hemisphere of right-handers plays a leading role in expressive and impressive speech, reading, writing, verbal memory and verbal thinking. The right acts as the leader for the nonverbal, musical ear, non-verbal memory, etc. So, if you perform actions from different spectra of mental activity, reverse (inversion) actions and motor acts not by leading performers, then you will develop not only mental processes functions and areas of the individual hemispheres, but also the connection between them.

2) Practice your observation. For example, throughout the day, pay attention only to the green color or to a car of a certain model from the general stream, think about a topic and focus on it.

Thereby you will develop certain properties of the functions of attention and memory (concentration, selectivity, distribution, switching, short-term memorizing). Due to this, you use the corresponding zones of the cerebral cortex, such as the lower temperate and visual parietal areas.

3) Establish a mental connection between, at first glance, unrelated objects and themes. The solution of such a task will make it possible to form consistent logical conclusions, flexibility of thinking, establish cause-and-effect relationships and broaden horizons. Activate the prefrontal areas of the frontal lobes, as well as activate the work of the postcentral areas of the left cerebral cortex, such as the lower temporal area.

 4) Do not use, for some time, one or more cognitive feelings. Try taking a blindfolded meal, take a shower with your eyes closed, or plug your ears while doing normal chores.

The exclusion of one of the cognitions will contribute not only to the development of other cognitive functions, respectively, and the consolidation of the already created working neural connections, but also the creation of compensatory mechanisms. Which in turn have a positive impact on the development of mobile intelligence.

 5) Learn to use and work on different keyboard layouts.

The solution of such problems will contribute to the development of visual-figurative thinking, the spatial correlation of certain values ​​with imagery and the formation of imagination. Creating new neural connections and activating the SRW zone (temporal-parietal-occipital regions of the two hemispheres).

Thus, for the successful development of mental activity and maintaining the tone of the brain, you can use various exercises that are available in everyday social reality.


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