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Brain fitness

Do you want people to pay attention to you because you look gorgeous? And how often do you go to the fitness club to achieve this goal? However, beauty is not only external appearance, but also internal for example acuity. Remember that your brain also needs regular workouts. will help you and provide you with a personal brain fitness program.

What is brain?

Brain is the central part of the nervous system, which is the center of control of the body, including conscious and unconscious processes. However, we get used to thinking that the brain is responsible only for creating thoughts, while its activity spreads on the entire work of our mind. Some types of brain activity are cognitive functions, such as memory, attention, thinking, and more. It is believed that the brain begins to form in babyhood, forgetting that the brain begins its development even during the formation of nervous tissue in the womb.

The process of brain formation begins 3–3.5 weeks after the beginning of pregnancy, at the moment when the embryo forms as three petals of different cells, one of which will be converted into a nerve tube. This channel will become more complex and will become a brain that will be able to make decisions, learn, love and create.

How the brain studies

Brain training is the creation of new neural connections that describe person’s experience, systematize it and use it in life.

From 0 to 10 years we can call it the “Big Bang” period, when billions of synapses are created to participate in gaining new experience. A synapse is a place of contact between two neurons, it serves to transmit a nerve impulse between cells. In other words, our experience is the movement of an electrical impulse from a neuron to a neuron.

From 10 to 18 years, the process of occurrence of synapses comes to its peak and the brain takes its final form.

From 20 to 60 years, there is a constant update of existing links. In other words, you get nothing new just like that, only brain fitness exercises, games for young and seniors and brain nourishment can help you.

How to train your brain?

Since the mid-20th century many different techniques have been applied for training brain functions. They were developed on the basis of medical cases. These techniques are aimed at increasing the volume of working memory, concentration, development of thinking. You can find the details about these techniques on our website. When you use similar methods of training the brain, cognitive abilities develop faster than with the daily work of the brain, which positively affects such aspects of life as studying, career growth, learning languages ​​and much more.

How to train the brain faster?

Training cognitive functions leads to improved brain function. The speed of improvement depends on the amount of training. Of course, not everyone is ready to devote hours and days to this activity, but our brain fitness exercises can make the brain's online training simple, fast, and more efficient, which reduces the time of the exercises themselves.

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