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Multitasking: how to keep you brain functions?

Is it difficult for you to do several things at once?

We live in a golden era of multitasking. Thanks to technology: we can send emails during the road, send text messages to your beloved person, and play online games anywhere.

Now multitasking becomes rather an obstacle. Scientists say that multitasking impairs memory and adversely affects the brain.

And if multitasking is unavoidable, then it is worth learning how to work in a special mode so as not to harm the brain.

Yes, from many people you can hear that it is easy for them to multitask. But according to statistics, less than 50% of people can actually work in this mode. All the others who participated in the survey, overestimated their ability to do several things at once.

Focus on things one by one

Give each of the current tasks 15 minutes. All this time, do only one thing and do not switch to another.

Turn off notifications

In this mode, we are distracted. We are working on the task, later we receive a notification and we immediately rush to read it. In fact, we should not do this. Most urgent letters and notifications can wait 15 minutes. In the meantime, you will continue to work on your task without interruptions.

Let Slack send you notifications, messages can come and letters pour in the mail. Put the phone on silent mode and turn off pop-up notifications. You will see: it will become easier and calmer to work.

Email once per hour

According to statistics, a person checks email about 15 times per working day. Try to reduce this number by reading new letters once an hour.

Reduce the number of open websites in the browser


Choose with your eyes open

Approach tasks rationally, plan your working day. Keep track of moments when there is too much information and you are disconnected from current affairs. Take breaks at this time. Yoga and meditation will also help to develop awareness.


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