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How to outwit the brain and take care of the future?

Our procrastination is not laziness and lack of self-control. This is the consequence of the characteristics of our brain. According to the research of scientists, the human brain is activated when the people were asked questions about themselves in the present. But it is curious that a reduced brain response was detected on questions about other people and about their own future. Does this mean that the brain does not care about our future?

Based on these studies, postponing tasks is one of the peculiarities of the work of our nervous system. Our brain always takes care of the present. And this greatly complicates the pursuit of long-term goals. The brain believes that tomorrow everything will be different, and we will become other people. And it is precisely because of this that the present is put in the first place, despite the fact that inaction in the future may lead to negative consequences. As a result, many experience psychological discomfort. The brain itself creates stress, thinking about failures and worrying.

Try to counteract yourself. If you plan to write an article in the morning, then do not turn off the computer at night. Prepare for the morning - leave the document with the text open. If you want to start eating right - keep only healthy snacks at hand and limit yourself to buying fast food. To reduce the time in social networks - put a program that will restrict access to them.

Agree with your brain that you are in the future - this is not another person. Write yourself a letter and open it in a year or more. Keep a diary: analyze the past months. Set deadlines for achieving goals not in years, but in months and even weeks.

Reward yourself.

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