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How does sugar influence our brains?

Sugar for brain: benefit or harm? Do not wait to know the answer! Scientists report about disturbing researches. An increasing number of young people are obese. After all, they are the main consumers of fast food, sugary soda, energy drinks, etc. Impact of sugar on brain is inevitable. Increased metabolism due to the growth of the body may temporarily level the situation, but a sedentary lifestyle and constant access to unhealthy foods do their job.

Sugar influence on brain and mentality is no joke! But the most serious is the negative effect of sugar on the brain and psyche. The fact is that excessive consumption of such food affects the areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and learning. In these areas, the activity of neurons is reduced. As a result, memory deteriorates, new knowledge is assimilated worse. The negative impact of sugar on brain is obvious.

Scientific studies have shown that they are adolescents who are at high risk of developing cognitive dysfunction due to an unhealthy diet. Even today, the negative effects of obesity in young people are being identified. According to statistics, obese adolescents have the worst performance in math and make more grammatical errors. In addition, scanning shows that the area of ​​the hippocampus in adolescents with obesity is smaller. At this point there is no doubt that sugar is harmful for brain.

During the growth period of adolescents, the brain undergoes changes in the structure and functions. This time is considered to be a period of increased neuroplasty. Fully prefrontal cortex forms by the age of 20. This area of ​​the brain is responsible for self-control and its poor functioning may be associated with unacceptable behavior.

Constant feeding of the brain with unhealthy food and light pleasure derived from it, according to scientists, can reduce the ability to motivate an adult and become one of the reasons for depression. So harm of sugar for the brain is part of all these.

Scientists argue that such behavior in adolescence can disrupt the normal processes of brain maturation. However, there is some good news. The same neuroplasticity helps adolescents to change habits more easily and level their effects. This means that awareness of the problem on time will help to completely destroy negative habits and stimulate the development of healthy ones.


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