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Effective ways to generate good business ideas

How to generate new ideas for your business? The ability to generate new ideas in our world is very important. Many people still believe that a talented person is talented from birth, but creative thinking can be developed. We will tell you how.

Three pages

After you wake up, go to the notebook and write down 3 pages of your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Write everything that comes to your mind, do not be distracted by adjustments. This technique will allow you to remove “junk” thoughts from your head, discover the ability to generate business ideas and work on a solution or action plan that you did not have enough time for. Do not re-read what you wrote and do not show it to anyone. The best solution would be to put the sheets of paper in an envelope and remove it to hidden place. This practice will open the creative flow, and it will help to destroy the internal censor, which prevented it.

Change your habits

Day after day, doing the same actions, we deny our brain the need for new knowledge and set it to automatic regime. How to learn to generate new business ideas? Change your habits. Try to get a new route home from work. Or buy other products for dinner, preparing an unusual dish. What about new music?

Do not give up the rituals completely

Changing habits is useful. But in the moments of drafting a project, writing an article and other work cases, it is still worth adhering to the actions that you are accustomed to. At least once a week, devote time to activities that bring you joy. Most likely, on positive emotions coming up with something new and creative will be much easier.

Do not forget about physical exercises

Aerobic exercises saturate the brain with oxygen and give way to new ideas. Skipping the next workout, remember that Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity during a bike ride.

Do not read too much

Oddly enough, but creative stagnation can be associated with an excess of useful information. Limit the endless stream of information flowing into your brain, and you will have access to new ideas. The same goes for social networks and articles on the Internet.

The da Vinci method

How to generate ideas for creativity according to the method of a great artist? Close your eyes, relax and start drawing. Do not think about what you draw. The artist then in his scribbles was looking for valuable ideas: many pictures were born from that method. Maybe you will succeed?


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