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Brain and study: where is the way to eternal youth? Habits that keep your brain young.

How to keep your brain young? Writer Dan Buettner in his book “Blue Zones Secret: How to Live 100+ Years” states that one of the secrets of eternal youth is in constant learning. Let us consider this hypothesis in more detail.

Learn in different ways

It is not about multi-tasking, but about learning. Giving load to different parts of the brain, you will constantly keep it in good shape. In the process of learning, use your imagination, invent new ideas and do not forget to analyze the knowledge gained.

15-30 minutes for something new

It is enough to dedicate only a little bit of time a day to learn new things. These can be languages ​​or playing musical instruments. And do not hesitate to try new techniques: for example, try to learn how to play the guitar in a video game, and as a practice in a foreign language - watch a movie with subtitles.

During studying the brain changes for the better

First, memory improves. Secondly, making progress, you will surely feel more confident in yourself. Finally, continuous development awakens creative thinking, which is useful in every area. There is such a notion as “indirect learning” - receiving new knowledge, the brain relates them to those already acquired. It develops creativity and the generation of new ideas.

Receiving new information, analyzing it, you are improving yourself and it will certainly affect relationships with others. The imagination expands, the brain gets rid of models of limited thinking, the outlook becomes wide, and you already look at familiar things differently.


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