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Teaching mental arithmetic at home

Surely you came across announcements about mental arithmetic courses. What is it? This is a specialized technique, designed mainly for children from 4 to 14 years. The principles of this learning will help the child to perform complex computational operations in the mind.

Finding a teacher of mental arithmetic is easy, but finding a really good teacher is not an easy task. Can I try to help a child at home? Yes, if you can properly explain the whole technique by yourself.

Where to begin? With a trip to the store. In the process of learning old scores are used - with bones on a wooden frame. This image is firmly fixed in the child’s memory. Receiving a vivid example of how to perform calculations, the child remembers the principle of operation of counting and then causes their image in memory. This allows you to perform mathematical operations faster than calculator.

In bookstores and on the Internet there are many materials on mental arithmetic. Using understandable manuals, you can independently teach the child the basic principles of this method. You need to start with small things. Learning elementary calculations in the first lessons, gradually move to more complex ones.

Apart from the fact that children have oral counting during classes, the lessons also develop fine motor skills, improve memory, and develop visual-figurative thinking.

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