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Factors that increase mental productivity

How to increase productivity at work and school? You need to review your routine deals and workflow.

First, it is worthwhile to organize the right space. Minimize distractions, find moments of procrastination and eliminate them. For example, leave only those tabs in the browser that you need right now. If the online game excites and distracts you, restart it. While it is loading, you will have time to note the moment of distraction and stop the attempt of procrastination. If you work from home - remove everything that may distract your attention.

Have a rest in the other room. And do not combine a study and a bedroom. By allocating a separate space for the workflow, your brain will associate a certain type of behavior with the work environment. As a result, tune in to the workflow will be much easier.

Optimize your holiday process. Unsubscribe from mailings that do not bring any benefit to you. For example, reduce the time of reading news. Install filters, remove spam.

You have a pocket monster that distracts you from your workflow. This is your mobile. Turn off all push notifications, remove social network apps. So the temptation to spend the whole day, looking through the pages of friends, will decrease. What to do to stay in touch - you ask. It is enough to have messengers.

Spend time planning every day. Divide large tasks into smaller ones. Start with the most difficult tasks in the morning. Leave the tasks that can be done when you are tired for the evening.

Set the number of working blocks. There may be several of them and they should be interrupted by half-hour breaks. Do not be distracted during the working block.

To summarize, here are a few steps to increase your efficiency:

• Remove all news and entertainment from your work computer.

• Turn off push notifications.

• Highlight the work area if you are a remote employee.

• Divide large tasks into smaller ones.

• Plan your day using working blocks.


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