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Secrets of the brain and human mind

The study of the brain has existed since the days of ancient Rome. Scientists have always wanted to penetrate the mind and solve the unsolved mysteries of the human brain. But so far this organ of the human body is the main mystery. In this article we will share amazing facts about the human brain.

Brain size is not equal to the level of intelligence

It is scientifically proven that people who lived on the planet 5,000 years ago had a larger brain. To be more precise, it reduced 10% of the volume since then. Scientists connect this to the fact that a person no longer needs massive jaws for chewing food, so, the total volume of the head and brain has decreased - as a result.

The brain consumes a lot of energy

The work of the brain is really very energy consuming. Despite the fact that its weight in relation to the total body weight is about 2%, it consumes about 20% of oxygen and as much as 25% of glucose entering the body.

The more convolutions - the better?

On the surface of the brain, which scientists call the cortex, there are many so-called cracks, grooves, and so on. This is the home for the neurons that are responsible for the functioning of our brain. The more neurons there are - the better the human brain functions are.

Not all brain cells are neurons

If you measure the number of neurons in the brain as a percentage, then there are only 10% of the total. The rest of the weight is the so-called glia. Previously, scientists assumed that their main task was to keep neural cells together. However, in fact, it turned out that they have a much wider range of functions: from maintaining immunity to saving the brain from damage by pathogenic cells.

During the life the brain changes

New neural connections can be formed throughout life. This has been proven through brain research in people who have suffered a stroke. The brain adapts to the fact that part of the nerves has been damaged and begins to use others in order to obtain similar information. In addition, intensive and regular workouts can help create new neural connections.


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