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Emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, work: what do they have in common?

The effect of self-knowledge on work is greatly underestimated. After all, this skill allows you to withstand the test of time and overcome difficulties. This quality, along with intelligence, directly affects the work of a leader.

How does self-knowledge help at work? This quality is a catalyst for the development of such skills as determination, flexibility, and ability to think strategically. Those qualities that make a person a real leader.

Let us put away prejudices: self-knowledge is not digging into yourself

First of all, it is a realistic assessment of one’s own "I." Their abilities and achievements, problems and motivation, tastes and life position, gaps in knowledge and so on.

This raises the question. Does a leader have to concentrate on himself instead of paying attention to his employees? No, but a real assessment of the situation will allow you to build a much more effective relationship with your colleagues.

The fact is that only through the process of self-knowledge, a person will be able to discover authenticity, a feature that will distinguish him from the others and due to which it will be easier to achieve respect and trust of others.

Not to be unsubstantiated, let us cite the example of a study by the renowned consulting company Green Peak Partners, in whose studies several hundred managers took part. According to statistics, leaders with a good level of self-knowledge understood better and implemented the company's strategy more effectively, achieved better results more easily, worked better with clients and business partners.

From theory to practice

How to develop self-knowledge and intelligence to work better? How does intelligence help at work? Does intelligence have great influence on our work?

Keep a diary and note the motivation for making certain decisions. Once a week or less go back to the records and analyze what exactly influenced certain actions. Does this approach require an adjustment or not?

Keep a diary of thoughts about colleagues. Who is easier to communicate with and who causes irritation? Analyze this and answer the question: are there repeated scenarios in your behavior? Do you need an adjustment? Devoting a few minutes a week to this technique, you can reprogram the brain for more productive reactions.

How to become a competent leader and show excellent results in work?

First of all, stop trying to be omnipotent. Concentrate talents on one or two areas. It will be better than mediocre multiple knowledge.

Factor EQ: Emotional Intelligence

Many famous leaders are called stars not for thorough knowledge. In most cases, a special way of interacting with people makes them popular. EQ is an emotional quotient that indicates the level of imagination, curiosity, intuitive thinking, social skills, etc.

Here are 5 components of emotional intelligence:

  • Self-knowledge
  • Self control
  •  Motivation
  •  Empathy
  • Social skills

Thus, paying more attention to emotions, reactions, behavior analysis, you can become an excellent leader.


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