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Basics of Time Management

Briefly about how to work like Winston Churchill. Or, at least, start doing a little bit more and dedicate more time to rest.

Try to measure the time to complete the task, not for days, but for hours. For example, 1 day is 5 hours of intensive work time. Keep in mind that you dedicate working time only to perform one specific task without distraction to extraneous factors.

What benefits will you get? 

Large tasks will cease to press. It is difficult to start the implementation of an important business, when there are three long months left before the end of the term. And it is much easier when this figure will be expressed in hours. 

Have time to do more

Distributing working time properly, you do not spend a minute on procrastination. Instead, you will increase the time for a good rest. 

Do not forget about sleep

Yes, during the deadlines, many of us sleep a few hours a day and then run to work again. It increases stress, reduces productivity, and has a detrimental effect on our health. If you did not sleep enough - try to dedicate 15-20 minutes at lunchtime for it.

What do you get from this?

First, good work is impossible without good sleep. You need to sleep regularly and dedicate enough hours for this. 

Secondly, the adjusted sleep helps to create the daily regimen.

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