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Smart diet: what products have a positive effect on the brain?

Food nourishes all the organs of our body, and the brain is no exception. What products need to be included in the daily diet to improve brain function?


They contain choline. This substance, according to research by American scientists, has a beneficial effect on memory. Omelet of two eggs for breakfast = daily dose of choline, necessary for the human body.


This product contains not only choline, but also useful vitamin B6, which helps protect nerve cells from premature aging.


The lack of folic acid in our time is a common thing. It leads to the weakening of memory, increased irritability, deterioration of concentration. To compensate for the lack of folic acid, it is necessary to include meals that contain wholemeal flour in your diet. What is more, this substance can be found in spinach, cheese, kiwi, lemons, etc.


They are rich not only in protein, but also in zinc. This substance helps in the formation of the nervous system. Zinc also helps improve memory. This was proven by the research of American scientists.

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