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How to develop the brain and activate vitality? Scientists answer

Experts from Japan believe that developing the brain with the help of an oral counting is the best way. In the course of such studies, the short-term memory is activated, which is responsible for the assimilation of information. The simplest way is to calculate quickly in the reverse order from one hundred to one. Could you do this from the first time? Complicate the task and count in three: 100, 97, 94 and so on.

Crossword is another way to develop your brain not even lifting your finger. In the process of solving a crossword puzzle, we recall the words and make connections between neurons that were previously dormant.

Draw! It is not necessary to have an art education and draw brilliant paintings. Try to look at the process differently: in ordinary life, we write down the numbers, letters. And the transfer of images on paper involves parts of the brain that, as a rule, are not involved in everyday life.

If you prefer puzzles - this is also a useful thing. But how about remembering chess? In the course of the game, we form strategic thinking, since we must think through the moves ahead: not only ours, but also our opponent’s.

Special websites. We go to fitness clubs to develop our bodies, but rarely think about the fact that the brain also needs to be kept in good shape. Wikium has simulators and courses for the brain specially developed for you that will help you think more clearly, memorize important dates and necessary information and achieve your goals more easily.



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