Start developing your brain for the price of a cup of coffee a day!

Is it possible to program the brain for youth? How to preserve the youth of the brain? Scientists answer

The youth of the brain is the key to a full life. And save it is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. Here are some simple recommendations that will answer the question of how to preserve the youth of the brain.

Think about your diet

Yes, healthy food will benefit not only the body, but also the brain. Try to start with simple changes, do not change your diet drastically. Start with a daily cup of green tea. It contains much less caffeine, and also - antioxidants. They can protect the brain from damage. At the same time try to eat less smoked food.

Remember that healthy food is not only green vegetables and cereals. One of the most delicious diets is the Mediterranean. It includes a large amount of vegetables, fruits and olive oil.

Dedicate time to sport

20 minutes daily will be enough. Sports will increase blood circulation, improve memory and will stimulate the growth of new brain cells. Due to this new neural connections will appear. Sport contributes to the production of happiness hormones and helps to cope with stress.

Get out of your comfort zone

New skills will help keep the brain in good shape. Get rid of habits that you do not like or you are tired of. This expands the neuroplasticity of the brain. For example, you can learn a foreign language, play a new musical instrument, or try to learn new professions. In addition to helping your brain, you will also expand your horizons.

Sleep enough

While dreaming, our brain is cleaned, neurotoxins are derived. What is more, a sufficient amount of sleep will help to think more clearly and reduce stress levels.


With age, many people’s social circles shrink, we talk less. But maintaining communication allows you to activate the brain, improve cognitive functions, and simply share experiences and the latest news.


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