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How Wikium employees reach Zen with the help of kittens

On August 8, the whole world celebrates the cutest holiday - Cat Day. More than 600 million furry creatures live in different countries. And Japan is recognized as the most “feline” country: more than 7 million cats live here.

The love of purring creatures did not pass by Wikium employees either. On Cat Day, they told about their pets.


Advertising manager:

— Although I have an allergy, I like to pet purring cats and, of course, take photos of them!

—  One gray cat lives in our country house. He often comes to us and asks to eat, meowing loudly. He is an affectionate, but fighting-like, judging by the appearance, guy. Surely, he keeps the whole street full of cats in “good shape”!

— The black kitten has now become a big and beautiful cat, named Kitty. Kitty was born right on the porch of our neighbor, and she could not leave her on the street. She comes to our summerhouse in the evenings.

— The cat in the flowers is called Vasily. He and his girlfriend Ksyusha live in a flower shop. Vasya is sooo sweet and affectionate. When I pass by (and I can’t walk rarely when such a cool guy lives there), he always comes up, purrs and rubs against my legs.



Product Owner B2C:

— My cat's name is Vincent van Cat. He is very self-sufficient: you can pet him only when Vincent is in a good mood :) But he is so cute and so soft that you want to squeeze him endlessly! When I work from home, he always comes to me and sleeps nearby.



— This kitty was called Lynx! She fell into our hands really by accident. Walking with a friend, we heard a plaintive meow: this is how our acquaintance with the Lynx took place. I brought her to my girlfriend, who was delighted, unlike her parents. As a result, this nice creature was thrown away and I brought her home. Dad was against it, but in a couple of days Lynx melted his stern heart. Now she is a full member of the family. The cat grew up with a character, she does not allow anyone else to touch her, except my father. But she is so cute that she does not always manage to avoid tenacious human hands, which are greedy for all sorts of mercies! :)



— My cats are called Taiga (from “tiger”) and Shiro (from "white" in Japanese). I found them exactly two years ago in a hollow tree in the park, they were only a month and a half. Both cats are three-colored, although people say that male cats cannot be three-colored :). Shirochka is a very large, fluffy and calm cat. He does not like to sit on the arms, but loves to give kisses (though only to the owner, others are carefully pushed away by the paw). Taichka is a terribly curious cat; she loves jumping everywhere. EVERYWHERE (and say "murmyau-murmyau" as soon as she reaches new heights). Since I work most of the time from the house, she does not get off my knees, thereby giving me a sense of balance and calm when difficult situations arise :) Both cats sleep only with me, so I had to get used to waking up at night and not dying from fear from well-coordinated "Murr?"

— They are both terribly talkative as well, I have already learned how to determine what they want from their signs. And, strangely enough, they never scratched and bit anyone, everyone is very surprised by that. Favorite entertainment: look at the street where they are not allowed to go, and raise the owner at 6.30 every day so that she gives a tasty treat and starts working :) You don’t need to have an alarm clocks if you have such cats!


Technical support

— The full name of my cat Tishka is Tikhon. He appeared in our family a couple of years ago being a very small kitten. The kitten wandered along the street in search of food, and looked so touching that it was impossible to pass by him. At first, the kitten pretended to be the calmest kitten in the world, but over time it turned into a cat-energizer-jet rocket and it could not be stopped! An interesting fact about him: he regards women as servants who feed and monitor the cleanliness in his home, and if Tisha doesn’t like something, a woman can get a sharp scratch for it. He regards men as equals, he watches football with them and will never allow himself to grab a “friend”. Zen with this cat is possible only after the battery runs out: at these rare moments, it becomes super-gentle and gentle purring.

Kusya is a completely different cat. This is the lady of Balzac age, who got her nickname for her character. You can only meditate with her a couple of meters away, this Madame does not allow anybody closer. Absolutely awkward creature. Since she is already a pensioner, she behaves accordingly, plays only when she thinks that no one sees her. But then, she, like all the girls of any age, is very romantic: if it is raining outside, then she can watch it for hours sitting on the porch.

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