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Brain detoxication from scientific point of view

Day after day, we immerse in the atmosphere of the turmoil of everyday life and duties, the stress caused by the need to react immediately to what is happening and make decisions, an endless stream of information and events. As a rule, due to our age, when we are still very young, we can easily cope with such a rhythm of life and we are sure that this will not affect our health in any way.

It would seem that you can easily cope with this and relax, you only need a good sleep, tea with chamomile, a favorite hobby and a long-awaited weekend or vacation. Yes, it can help, but it will not give 100% results. A vacation may not come soon, chamomiles may not be at hand at the moment, and even in dreams, as many studies have shown, we continue to think about the problems that were not solved during the day, to look through our experiences and problems that have fallen on us, which does not fully give our brain time to clean up the daily "garbage".

Human brain! The leading minds of the world have long been interested in its work and functioning. The question of detoxication of the brain - the clearing of the mind and consciousness – has come to psychologists relatively recently. In Russia, there is only one expert in the field of integral philosophy and developmental psychology. His name is Viktor Shiryaev, he is perhaps the only one who is currently working with the problem of detoxication of mind. Together with the research staff of the Wikium research laboratory, headed by Sergey Belan, the founder and expert of the association of neurotechnologists, the course “Brain detoxication” was developed.

This course is based on the most important principles of the methodology of psychology - the scientific principle of knowledge and the scientific and psychological principle of the personal approach, as well as the practice of mindfulness in the tradition of the Burmese teacher Mahasi Sayadaw and the basic mindfulness system of the American teacher Shinzen Young.

“The combination of a scientific component and spiritual practices is the productive and effective form, using which we have achieved the maximum result in clearing the mind and consciousness. During our research and testing, we used neural interfaces to measure brain activity before and after passing the course, and thus we were able to visually verify its effectiveness, ”said Sergey Belan, founder of Wikium, an expert in the association of neurotechnologists.

A person’s brain after lessons on the course stays in a state of vigilant rest, unnecessary information flies away, which contributes to an increase in concentration of attention and readiness to perceive new information. Noise and stress immunity, working capacity will increase significantly, the general condition of the body will improve.

“Focusing on the “womb breathing” is the key to detoxication of our brain. 10 lessons that make up the course program will teach you how to manage your body processes and emotions. It is important that you can do the exercises anywhere. When an angry boss shouts at you and demands a report, when thoughts in your head do not allow you to concentrate. In these moments, to control oneself, not to shout and calm down, it’s enough to practice for a few minutes,” says Viktor Shiryaev, an expert in the field of integrated philosophy and developmental psychology.

Our diseases are the result of an unhealthy way of thinking, a reloaded mind and consciousness. There is no remedy for this, but there are already “preventive” exercises. A moderate dose of breathing practices, combined with scientific methods will reduce the possibility of illness and poor health.


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