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How does reading affect brain development?

Our level of literacy depends on which books we read. This study has been proven by scientists and published in the Journal of Business Administration. And it is the list of reading materials that has a greater impact than learning the rules of grammar. 

The study involved two groups of students. The first group read the classics and popular science books. The second one read web aggregators of uncomplicated content and popular fiction. Indicators on the degree of literacy of making complex sentences in the first group were much higher.

What is deep reading and how does it affect the brain?

This term means the reading of complex texts. Not superficial, but thoughtful, when a person is immersed in the text and lives through it. In this case, the brain begins to use areas that are activated when learning and gaining new experience. In addition to creating new neural connections, this method of reading allows us to develop empathy. We live through the problem, try it on ourselves - intuitively we begin to understand the author’s emotions.

 In more detail, this reading activates several parts of the brain, such as:

Broca area. This part of the brain is responsible for creating speech turns, coherent sentences.

Wernicke's area. The brain center with such a name helps to perceive the meaning of the information read.

 Finally, the angular gyrus is activated, which affects the level of perception and language proficiency. 

How to learn deep reading?

 Tip one - read more poems. It will be better if you give preference to complex, emotionally intense rhymes. In the process of reading, put yourself in the place of the author or the main characters, strive to feel their feelings and guess the thoughts. This will affect creative skills in a positive way.

Tip two - get the classics off the shelf. There is nothing better than a deep reading of good classical literature. This will help develop speech, make it brighter and richer. In addition, living experiences of the main characters develops emotional intelligence, which is useful in work and in everyday life.

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