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How did Steve Jobs develop his brain?

The great founder of the Apple company knew how to see what others could not see. How he trained his own brain and what techniques he used, we will tell in our article. Let us go inside Steve Jobs’ brain!

Jobs was a Buddhist. That is why for a long time he did not agree to a liver transplant. This was contrary to the principles of religion. Eastern practices took up much of the time of the founder of Apple.

For example, he devoted a lot of time to conscious meditation. This reduced the amount of stress and made the thinking clear. The meditation that Jobs used was practiced by Zen Buddhists and Taoists.

It looked like this:

You need to sit down in a quiet place. Make sure you have a comfortable atmosphere, put a pillow, soft pad, if necessary. Take a few deep breaths.

You need to close your eyes and listen to yourself. The brain will go through the events that happened recently. It will be broadcasts on television, conversations with colleagues and friends, reading books, newspapers, information from the Internet and much more. No need to try to interfere. Just go from thought to thought, follow them, observe.

You need to spend a few minutes every day in this state. After about a week or two, you will learn to control the internal dialogue in your head and you can move on to more advanced practices.

When you hear an incoherent flow of thoughts in your head, try to make them quieter, and gradually smoothly move away from them.

Free your brain, try to concentrate your attention on the smells, sounds that surround you, on your sensations in your body. Perhaps you will notice the sounds of your home in a different way, some sensations in your body will change. During the correct meditation time will fly unnoticed.

This method frees the brain from informational noise, has a positive effect on mental processes, improves memory and contributes to the generation of new ideas.


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