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System for the development of brain abilities

Let us consider the tasks and exercises that we face in order to develop our brain. Let us examine some misconception, and also consider tips that enhance the power of the brain. What is brain development? What helps brain development in children, teenagers, young adults and elderly people? What affects male and female brain development and what activities can help to train it from the early age?

Train your muscles? And the brain? What are the ways of stimulating brain development?

The tasks that we have to solve can be divided into two types:

  • those, where the use of general and specialized knowledge is sufficient,
  • those that require the ability to think.

How to learn to solve problems of the first type quickly and effectively is clear:

  • you need to learn the theory
  • master methods and techniques,
  • train in practice,
  • shape experience.

The tasks of the second type require the ability to:

  • reason logically,
  • make a decision (sometimes in a situation of uncertainty or lack of information),
  • make comparisons and identify non-obvious similarities and differences,
  • formulate the problem,
  • model the idea and design of a scientific experiment,
  • conduct a scientific search,
  • and so on.

Behind all this is the development of human brain abilities. Brain is the most brilliant creation of nature. Here are just two of its features.

1. Brain activity is very flexible. If one of the parts of the brain cannot cope with the function assigned to it, then another “brain piece” sets to work. One of the many scientific facts that confirm this is the brain damage that occurred with the French scientist Louis Pasteur. At 46, he suffered a hemorrhage in the right hemisphere of the brain, and as a result, it completely atrophied (and this was confirmed at the posthumous autopsy). The scientist lived till 76 years and got worldwide fame for his work in the field of bacteriology.

2. The brain structure consists of highly specialized areas and associative. The more associative areas and associative connections there are, the more perfect brain activity is. The largest number of them, of course, can be found in humans, and not in animals. But even among people, their number is not the same for everyone.

You hurry to the gym to train your body, to make muscles extra flexible, to develop ligaments and tendons. You do everything right: a person is a dynamic system, and if it does not develop with a “plus” sign, then it will rapidly change with a “minus” sign.

But what about the human brain? Though it is unique in its capabilities, but, in its essence, it is still the same muscle. The answer suggests itself:

Develop brain flexibility and increase brain associative connections! Use purpose mental simulators for the process of full brain development!

When is it right to start training?

The intellectual advantage of the young people over the elderly is nothing more than a common misconception. Look around yourself. Do you not see a number of elderly people whose wisdom and sharp mind can easily compete with the brains of young people? And, on the contrary, can youth itself act as a guarantor of a penetrating mind and effective thinking?

That is why, the argument that brain training should start when the process of active aging begins, does not hold water. But, then what should push to make a decision about engaging in brain training and the development of cognitive abilities?

You need to start when you find out exactly what mental characteristics you need to become more

  • successful
  • demanded,
  • competitive.

And when you understand what you lack for this. Only you know the answer to this question, and only you can decide whether this development will be

  • critical
  • creative
  • of depth of penetration into the essence of the problem,
  • of analytical thinking
  • of ability to predict,
  • or something else.

The most common tips on how to increase the power of your brain

The human mind has great capabilities, and we use only its pitiful part.

At first glance, the following tips do not pass the “banality test”, and may even disappoint you with their obviousness. And still…

Keep a balance of problems and tasks. As a rule, task is a typical exercise, which is carried out according to the prepared method. The problem is a contradiction that does not have an equally obvious solution. Make sure that in your life there is a place for both of them. Tasks discipline the mind, and if you also conduct a constant search for how to optimize the way to solve it, then the task will also become a simulator for developing the ability to find ways to increase efficiency.

Search, formulation and problem solving develops an abstract and, of course, problematic, thinking. The ability to see the contradiction and formulate it in the form of a question or problem, psychologists consider as a sign of mental talent.

The body needs vitamins, and the brain needs endorphins! If you exercise five times a week and give your body the necessary exercise, each time you stimulate the release of endorphins - a chemical in the human brain that not only relieves stress, fatigue and pain, but also makes your brain work more efficiently. It intensifies the development of brain abilities on all stages.

And again - this is just another illustration to the fact that our body is a unite system with its connections and dependencies. In this case, we must not forget that by doing so you feed the brain only as a physical organ, which is the carrier and processor of information. So, the brain is a leaf, and you write on it what you want, or what your cultural-historical environment demands from you. But even on a clean sheet the words themselves do not appear. Otherwise, athletes would be the most intelligent people in the world!

Intellectual hobby. Find a hobby that will require from you some intellectual efforts that are different from your usual. If you are an analyst, join a discussion club or start creating cartoons. If you are a constant generator of new ideas, start, for example, collect models of airplanes. Such painstaking reproductive work will require you to discipline the mind and systematic thinking.

Decide what kind of mental abilities are more often not used in your usual activity, and select a developmental activity for them.

New words. Make it a rule: every week to learn and memorize a new word. To make it a part of your vocabulary, by all means use it throughout the week wherever it is relevant.

The culture of the dispute. Read books or articles about:

  • how the discussion is conducted,
  • how the argument is chosen and built,
  • how questions are posed
  • how to find vulnerabilities in the opponent's position.

If possible, attend meetings of dissertation councils for your specialty. Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the scientific debate, take the best into service. An ordinary dispute is different from a debatable standoff, just like a house cleaner from a queen.

Online training as a way to get smarter. You can develop brain abilities online. There is a rich selection of educational games and programs for this. But they should be chosen on the basis of the same feature mentioned above - the chosen developmental program and training exercises should serve your personal request.

Otherwise there is a danger to choose what you just like, and not something that will bring you real benefits. This explains the uselessness and relatively low developmental value of ordinary computer games. Their developers set themselves the task of attracting a client, and for this to happen, the client needs to enjoy the process. It is like studying the literature by films about Tom Sawyer or The Three Musketeers. The result will be equally sad. Developmental activity requires willful effort on oneself


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