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Psychology & self-analysis

  • Fairy tales of our brain

    During the study of the capabilities of our brain, its structure and functions, many theories have appeared. We will reveal some of them today.

  • Brain detoxication from scientific point of view

    Day after day, we immerse in the atmosphere of the turmoil of everyday life and duties, the stress caused by the need to react immediately to what is happening and make decisions, an endless stream of information and events. As a rule, due to our age, when we are still very young, we can easily cope with such a rhythm of life and we are sure that this will not affect our health in any way.

  • How to become rich? How to become really rich in short time? Let’s think together

    Wealth! What is it? And what does it mean? And who can we call a rich man? Can we call a person rich if he has a lot of money? Or if he has little money? Let's think about it together.

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