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Psychology & self-analysis

  • Brain work in summer and winter: what are the differences?

    Scientists from the National Academy of Sciences of the United States found out that the human brain uses its cognitive functions in different ways during the year. Seasonality affects its work.

  • How to train your willpower daily

    Every our action, mental or physical, is accompanied by a volitional act. In its essence there lies the general state of mental stress. Let us consider this aspect in more detail and see how you can train willpower.

  • How to learn to quickly fall asleep

    How to fall asleep quickly without sleeping pills? We will tell you!

    Every night, most of us go to bed feeling tired. The tough day is over, full of feelings and deadlines. But as soon as the head touches the cushion, thousands of thoughts begin to fill the brain. How to fall asleep quickly, if you cannot sleep and have a lot problems in your mind?

  • Why is it harder for us to concentrate in the summer?

    Summer is coming. The days are getting longer and warmer, more and more thoughts about the upcoming vacation come to our mind. And the brighter the sun shines, the more difficult it becomes to concentrate. What to do when you still need to make some important reports before the holidays, and your thoughts are busy with something else? Let us try to figure it out.

  • Emotional intelligence, self-knowledge, work: what do they have in common?

    The effect of self-knowledge on work is greatly underestimated. After all, this skill allows you to withstand the test of time and overcome difficulties. This quality, along with intelligence, directly affects the work of a leader.

  • The development of awareness — how to divert attention from thoughts

    The young man, who decided that it was time for him to become wiser, came to a famous philosopher with a request to teach him some wisdom. “Well,” the philosopher answered him, “this is your first task: go back home and do not think about white monkeys.” Puzzled by what he thought was a simple task, the young man wandered home. And the next morning, broke into the house of the philosopher with a cry "These white monkeys have completely tortured me!"

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