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How to learn to quickly fall asleep

How to fall asleep quickly without sleeping pills? We will tell you!

Every night, most of us go to bed feeling tired. The tough day is over, full of feelings and deadlines. But as soon as the head touches the cushion, thousands of thoughts begin to fill the brain. How to fall asleep quickly, if you cannot sleep and have a lot problems in your mind?

To begin with, let us see. You follow the advice on the Internet, do not approach the gadgets 2 hours before bedtime, do not watch horror films, drink chamomile tea and tightly close the curtains. Still, the effect is 0.

That is because initially these recipes do not work. The fact is that there are two reasons why you cannot fall asleep quickly.

The first one is conditioned reflexes. In two words, this is when a life being on a subconscious level conducts associations between two things, phenomena, etc.

So, for example, if you do not know how to fall asleep quickly and profoundly, most likely you have taught your mind to associate bed and thinking. Or another variant: if before bedtime we talk about important things, make plans for the future or check email, then our brain will associate time before bedtime with vigorous activity.

So we have a vicious circle. What to do to fall asleep quickly? We need to break this connection. If you do not follow your habits for checking mail or analyzing events for a day for a certain time, the association will soon lose its relevance.

Reason two: our brain treats us with disbelief. In other words, consciousness believes that if we do not constantly process information, we will soon forget it.

What to do in this case? Stop using the brain as a notebook in the first place.

Step one. Create a reminder system that you trust.

This may be a notebook or electronic planning. Write here everything that you are afraid to forget. Plan, determine the steps in solving this or that problem. Let it all be on paper, not in the head.

Step two. Every day, dedicate some time to active planning and thinking.

At the same time try to make it not before the bedtime. This technique is called “Intentional experiences” and it takes from 5 to 15 minutes a day.

Step three: write down everything that comes to your mind on paper

Just list and write down everything that worries you. Anything – it can be going to the grocery store or a nuclear disaster. You need to do this very quickly. Do not worry about spelling or beautiful design of each idea. Just record as many experiences as possible.

Step four: to fall asleep quickly learn to separate the important from the unimportant

Highlight the most important things from the facts that you put in your notebook. Understand which of these things is a problem, and which is nothing. You would be surprised, but with a high probability a significant part of the problems that bother you will be nothing to worry about..

  • Why did the random passerby look at me so strangely last Saturday?
  • Do I really have only a few hours of sleep! You need to fall asleep quickly in just one minute!
  • What if the boss decides that I do not fit my position?
  • What if it rains tomorrow /is very hot / snows?

Divide your list into important issues, urgent matters, and things you influence. To solve them, write down the sequence of actions and follow it.

Step five. Reminders!

These can be colored stickers or phone alerts. The main thing is your comfort.



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