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Train your way of thinking

  • What else can cognitive training do? Benefits of cognitive training

    Control emotions, overcome pain, and possibly even cope with post-traumatic stress.

    Brain training will help achieve much more than just the development of cognitive functions. For centuries, various meditation practices have helped to cope with pain and signs of depression, as well as to find the state of calm.

  • The truth about IQ

    Let us consider what intelligence is, whether it has a coefficient and how to measure it.

  • Brain is not a computer

    The human brain is a complex structure, and scientists are far from the full understanding of how it works. At different times, this ignorance gave rise to various colorful comparisons with complex processes and mechanisms. Now the brain is usually identified with a computer: brain activity with gears, a neural network with wires. We explain why such a comparison is fundamentally wrong.

  • Five ways to train the brain to be smart

    We all want to become smarter and more successful in this or that activity. To do this, we need to develop our mental abilities and keep the brain in good shape. In order to save your time, and use free time with benefit, we need effective tasks with the expectation of obtaining a result here and now. To do this, we recommend you 5 simple and effective ways to develop mental activity and activate the brain.

  • How to wise up quickly

    In the spring of 2016, the general director of the Universal company, Alexey Konshin, got a call from a stranger and he was offered to buy “brain simulators” for his 60 employees. It was about online courses to train memory and attention. At first, Konshin was skeptical, he admits. But the seller of courses offered two weeks of the lessons for free. Konshin himself decided to practice attentiveness. In the form of a game for 15 minutes, it was necessary to memorize the sequence of flashing lights, then sort them.

  • Conscious thinking

    What is conscious thinking? What is it definition? The brain needs daily training even almost more than the body. For this purpose, special simulators have been invented, and one of the most effective, as it was proved by the research, is Wikium. We talked with neuropsychologist Nikita Khokhlov about how useful work with thinking is.

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