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Train your attention

  • How to develop attention – good advice

    Let us have a look at the exercises for the development of attention in terms of distribution and switching attention.

    What is the difference between the distribution of attention and switching?

  • Is it possible to improve concentration of attention in adults?

    The level of concentration is determined by the duration of concentration on a single activity or object. Psychologists have found that in recent years, this figure has steadily decreased.

  • Causes of impaired concentration in adults

    Failure of attention can occur in both children and adults. Many cases of the development of this problem in childhood with its subsequent deepening at an older age have been found.

    Specialists characterize failure of attention as a process of narrowing the amount of attention (a person is distracted by side irritations), as well as a decrease in the coordination of actions.

  • Ways to develop attention

    What is attention? The mental process that concentrates your mind on certain objects, a system for selecting information that allows us to perceive only significant things. Human brain gets a signal, and attention emphasizes it and focuses our perception on it.


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