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If it is scary to go on vacation. Tips on how to recover your strength and not think about work

Paradox, but for many employees, vacation is not a pleasant pastime, but additional stress. Just before we leave, traditional deadlines fall on us, we face a lot of tasks and pack our bags at the last moment. Post-holiday stress also occurs - right after learning to enjoy the change of the situation, we rush into business again. And even the awareness of how much you have to catch up after going back to work can ruin your mood.

What advice can be given to those who are afraid to go on vacation?

Learn to relax

Before going on vacation, try to avoid negative thoughts. It is better think about how enjoyable holidays will be. Try to live "here and now."

Prioritize properly

Agree on all the tasks with the person who will replace you. If necessary, discuss the period of your absence with your superiors. Begin training on transferring of your tasks well in advance.

Warn everyone about the holidays

Put voice mail. A couple of days before the holidays write a letter to everyone you interact with at work. Be sure to write the contacts of your deputies.

Clean your table

Sounds weird? Not at all! Having come to your workplace after a vacation and finding it in an ideal order, you will quickly tune into everyday tasks.

What to do while on vacation?

Do not think about work. Catch these thoughts and stop them. The brain can truly rest only if you follow these tips.

Use the mindfulness method

Inhale fresh air. Feel the rays of the sun, the temperature of the water in the sea. This will help make your vacation memories more vivid.

After the holidays ...

Do not panic and do not start doing everything at once. In advance, during the preparation for the holidays, make a weekly plan that will guide you, helping you gradually come back to working days.

Have a nice vacation!


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