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How to keep the brain healthy until old age? Here are 3 simple tips

With age, some people lose their mental clarity. Remembering important things becomes more difficult, concentrating on something is almost impossible. But this process can be delayed. How to continue to live fully doing simple exercises?

Aerobic exercises

Cardio exercises perfectly strengthen all body systems. In particular, they have a positive effect on neurogenesis - the process of formation of new neural connections in the brain. Do these exercises at least 2.5 hours a week. The result will be seen very soon. You can perform them in the fresh air to increase the usefulness of cardio training.


When we sleep, the brain is active. It makes detoxification. Neurotoxins are derived, and as a result we wake up awake and full of energy. Without this process, all indicators of cognitive abilities may deteriorate. Try to adjust the sleep mode. Sleep in a ventilated room from 7 to 9 hours daily. And try to do the same at the weekend.

Food habits

Neurogenesis is helped by limiting the amount of food consumed, sleeping on a relatively empty stomach, and interval starvation. However, if you want to follow a diet, it is useful to consult with your doctor. Excessive sugar intake negatively affects brain cells, so you have to give up desserts after lunch.


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