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Train your memory

  • Good habits that improve memory

    We have collected useful tips from the neurophysiologist John Arden, who is the head of the program of psychological health Training in Mental Health. The scientist offers top tips for improving memory.

  • How to improve erudition, increase overall erudition

    Do we need erudition? Today disputes and discussions around the answer to this question do not calm down.

  • How to train memory and attention — basic techniques

    The desire to find an effective method that will help in achieving a higher level of intellectual development is a very commendable trend. However, in order to turn the process from the fashionable one into the effective one and make it the stage of self-improvement, it does not hurt to understand what exactly you want to strengthen in yourself.

  • How to learn English? Let us have a look at popular methods

    How to learn the English language fast and easily? You cannot just learn English. A lot of people learned languages ​​at school, but even good marks did not guarantee the knowledge. Let us examine the popular methods of language learning and evaluate their effectiveness.

  • Remember everything. 5 ways to remember what you read

    How often do we forget important information? Probably, each of us faced a situation when, at the most crucial moment, you forgot something. But it is easy to cope with this. So how to read and remember what you read? We have prepared several memorizing techniques that will be useful at school, work and in everyday life.

  • How to learn big texts and memorize them

    Memory is an important aspect of our life. With its help, we can keep in mind the information that we receive throughout life.

    The data that our brain gets come to us directly through our senses, it is processed, filtered, and only then we remember the necessary information.You can memorize everything from the words of songs to a large text.

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