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  • Brain and study: where is the way to eternal youth? Habits that keep your brain young.

    How to keep your brain young? Writer Dan Buettner in his book “Blue Zones Secret: How to Live 100+ Years” states that one of the secrets of eternal youth is in constant learning. Let us consider this hypothesis in more detail.

  • How to keep the brain healthy until old age? Here are 3 simple tips

    With age, some people lose their mental clarity. Remembering important things becomes more difficult, concentrating on something is almost impossible. But this process can be delayed. How to continue to live fully doing simple exercises?

  • How the brain remembers and erases information

    How does the brain work? Can you help it remember the information or get rid of the unnecessary? Is it possible to agree with it or at least understand its rules of the game? And although there are more questions than answers, such methods exist.

  • Neurons grow best in a triangular shape

    How do neurons grow? How to grow more new neurons in your brain? Korean researchers have discovered curious geometrical preferences of nerve cells: neurons form axons to the tops of a triangular cell — and the sharper the angle of the triangle that borders the cell is, the better it is for the cells.

  • Mnemonics - known methods for the development and training of memory

    What is mnemonics? How to create science mnemonics? Imagine that you are a juggler who, in front of an amazed public, pulls out of an “empty” box with the colored handkerchiefs connected to one another. One handkerchief pulls the other along, and the next - and so on.

  • What to do to learn and memorize information faster and better

    Few of us have ever been embarrassedly silent in response to an unexpected question: “Don’t you recognize me? We recently met and... ”, and then a stranger reminds you of the time and place of your meeting. In your memory, finally, the desired image emerges, and you answer: “Yes, indeed, we met before. Sorry, I did not recognize you immediately”.

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