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Remember everything. 5 ways to remember what you read

How often do we forget important information? Probably, each of us faced a situation when, at the most crucial moment, you forgot something. But it is easy to cope with this. So how to read and remember what you read? We have prepared several memorizing techniques that will be useful at school, work and in everyday life.

1. Association method

It is proved that our brain often resists the perception of new information. But it can perfectly cope with the processing what is already familiar. Try to associate new information with the usual one. For example - you need to remember the name of the interlocutor. Come up with an association! It may be noted that he has the same name as the name of your relative, friend, famous person, etc. Another good way is letter associations. For example, Rita - reception, Olya - the organization of events and so on. Do want to understand and remember what you read fast and easily? Try association method!

2. Foreign languages ​​and stickers

Excellent technique in order to broaden your vocabulary. Buy stickers. Then look at your apartment - look at the objects whose names in a foreign language you do not know. Then everything is very simple. Write the name of the item on the sticker, stick to it and - voila. Words will be stored in the head without any additional effort. This will help you to remember everything from the first attempt!

3. Mapping your own thoughts

What to do if I cannot remember what I read? Visualize your new knowledge, putting it in memory on the shelves. In the center let there be a major problem (fact, text, and so on). From the center there should go thick branches - these are important sections that define the main fact. For example, if you want to memorize a book, it will be the title of the chapter. And if the task is to create a project, then these may be the main stages. Thin branches depart from thick branches - these are important thoughts, details, words, and so on. Visualization of this technique will give even more advantages and help to remember the information and material you need for a long time.

4. Sound associations

How to read texts and remember them instantly? Here is another life hack for learning a foreign language. Pronounce a word or phrase you cannot remember. What is it like? Remember this association: in the future with its help you can extract a new word from memory.

5. Pin code and logic

Why don’t I remember the numbers I need so badly? The answer is simple: the usual combination of numbers is difficult to remember. But if you find logic in it, then things will go very simply. For example, pin code: 1288. If you add all the numbers together, you get 19. Add the numbers and get 10. How can I remember more? Another method is historical or cultural associations. 3317 - 33 cows and 17 moments of spring. Do not be afraid to dream! The brighter the association is, the better it will be remembered.

Using these tips, you will learn how to remember things after reading only once. Just give it a try!


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