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Ways and methods of memory training

Whether you look through mountains of books to prepare for an exam or keep in mind a list of business tasks, prepare dinner according to the recipes that passed on from generation to generation, or just like to learn something new - each of us will not regret having a good memory.

In the age of technology and information overload, we forget important dates and dive into smartphones in order to verify an elementary fact more and more often. It is not necessary to have supernatural intelligence to learn to keep in mind the necessary information. It is enough to start the development of memory, using simple and proved methods. So what helps to improve the memory?

Turn on the imagination!

Visualization is a great way to train your memory. If you need to remember the phone number - imagine how you dial it, mentally drawing a line from one number to another. Are you trying to keep a list of products in your head? Imagine every package of yogurt or loaf of bread you are going to buy. Are you reading a book or an article in a magazine? Imagine everything that is written in it - even if it is a summary of stock news. Later, when it is necessary to reproduce the information, the brain itself will show you the correct visual image, and voila - it turns out, you remember everything that you once imagined.

Turn off automatism

How many actions do you do turning off your head and not realizing what you are doing? Brush your teeth, cook breakfast, use the familiar way to work? The brain at this time is in the "energy saving" mode - it knows so well how to perform these actions, that it "falls asleep". Surprise it - from time to time, change the routes that you use, brush your teeth, holding the brush in your left hand, if you are right handed, invent new recipes - in one word, use the brain in every type of daily activity. This will help keep the brain in good shape and serve as an excellent exercise for the development of memory.

Learn languages

There is no better system for the development of memory than the study of foreign languages. Even memorizing elementary words and phrases helps to trigger processes in the brain that have a positive effect on intellectual abilities. And being able to explain yourself in a foreign country will never hurt. Bonus: modern technologies help to make this process interesting and far from cramming. Watch movies in the original, download applications for memorizing words, listen to songs and sing along - all this will help you improve memory.

Play sports

Yes, a healthy lifestyle also affects the development of memory. The fact is that during training, the brain receives more oxygen, which helps its healthy functioning. Cardio workout - running, jumping, cycling – is especially good. However, even a quick walk in the park will help to saturate the brain, which leads to strengthening the memory. Try to exercise yourself at least three times a week - and your body and mind will be grateful to you!

Do not be lazy

The brain does not develop on its own, and a good memory without proper training will not develop either. That is why, do not be lazy every day to apply one or more of the above-described methods of memory development - they do not take much time and effort, but they will definitely give noticeable results! And of course - develop your cognitive abilities on Wikium!


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