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Career guidance test for teenagers

Career guidance test for schoolchildren and teenagers. How ready are you to make an independent choice?
Online test for students and school-children is:
30 questions designed specifically for teens
15 minutes to pass
Detailed report on individual qualities
List of recommended professions
What tasks does it solve?
What tasks does it solve?
Students in grades 6-11 are starting to think about choosing a profession. Career guidance test for schoolchildren will help to highlight the professional areas most relevant to the interests and abilities. The recommendations will determine the direction for further education.
What will I get as a result?
A full report will be sent immediately after completion of the test. It will contain the following information:
A list of cognitive abilities that require development for success
General recommendations for their development
List of appropriate professions
Recommendations for the development and training of professional skills
The online form will allow you to be tested at a convenient time anywhere. The questions do not require specialized knowledge: children of 12-17 years old can answer them.
Who is it useful for?
High school students who are faced with the choice of special or higher educational institution
Students who choose preparatory courses before entering university
Students who plan to take the first steps in choosing their first job

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