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Career guidance test
for employees

Career guidance of employees includes a system of methods for assessing and diagnosing cognitive abilities, professional preferences, personal characteristics, skills and abilities.
The online test of career guidance for employees is:
30 questions
Recommendations for professional development
List of appropriate professions
General recommendations for the development of cognitive abilities
What tasks does it solve?
What tasks does it solve?
Career guidance for employees will tell you how to realize your creative potential and what conditions to create for its development. Based on the data obtained, you can speed up the process of selecting new employees.
What will you get?
After you receive the results of the career guidance for employees, you will receive a report, which will include:
What professional sphere is suitable for the employee
What positions are suitable for them
What cognitive abilities need to be developed in order to succeed
What training profiles do you need to pay attention to
The test is presented online.
The online form of the test will allow you to take it at any time in a convenient place. The test does not require special preparation. The questions are aimed at a wide audience.
Who is it useful for?
Professionals thinking about a job change
HR specialists to adapt and quickly train new employees
Heads of companies to assess staff loyalty and selection of candidates for open positions

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