Wikium presents a new product!

Career guidance test

Find your professional direction. Find your true calling or change your unloved job.
The online career guidance test is:
30 questions
15 minutes to pass
Official report on individual qualities
List of recommended occupations
What tasks does it solve?
What tasks does it solve?
After you get the results, you will be able to find out the exact answer to the question of what professional sphere is the best for you. The data received may indicate weaknesses and strengths in various cognitive areas and certain personality traits. This will help explain what your productivity is connected with in certain activities and what needs to be done to increase it.
What will you get?
You will receive the full result immediately after testing. It will have a report with:
Suitable professional field
Examples of recommended occupations
Cognitive abilities that need to be developed in order to achieve success
Recommendations on training profiles and areas of development (educational institutions, specialized courses, training resources of partners)
General recommendations on the development of cognitive abilities (Wikium courses, simulators, other products)
The test is presented online.
The modern diagnostic program is designed for children over 14 years old, adults, the elderly.
Who is it useful for?
Those who are just starting a career and do not know what they want to do
Those who have difficulty defining their skills
Those who already have education and experience, but want to find themselves in a new field
Those who are preparing to choose an educational institution in order to get a second higher education or to improve their qualifications
The test will suit anyone - to pass it, you do not need to have specific knowledge or special skills!

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