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Improve your memory, attention and thinking with online trainings

Effect of the training

Wikium training is based on the methodologies of Russian and foreign neuropsychologists that have proven their effectiveness during numerous experiments and in many research works


to reaction speed in a week


to focus on tasks in 1 month


to attention to details in 2 months


to memory in 2–3 weeks

According the research of 16 314 412 trainings of users on Wikium

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Who needs our training

Младший возраст

Young people

  • Improve studying at your school or college
  • Prevent your deficit of attention
Средний возраст

Middle aged

  • Improve personal productivity and efficiency
  • Make fewer mistakes and inaccuracies at your workplace
  • Keep your brain in shape during the day
Пожилой возраст


  • Maintain sharpness and clarity of mind
  • Prevent age-related disorders caused by reduced brain activity

You need to increase the number of synapses

Synapse — is the place in your brain where two neurons come into contact


Scheme of neural connections

The number of neurons and synapses, as well as their quality determine your intellectual capacity — mind flexibility, memory, creativity and talent.

Brain development — is a process of creating, strengthening or restoring lost neuronal (synaptic) connections.

Scientists call the process of creating new neurons neurogenesis

Receiving new information and special training leads to the creation of new synapses.

It is up to you how actively they will be created!

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How to train properly

Evaluate your abilities

Take the introductory test to evaluate your memory, attention and thinking skills. Individual training program will be developed for you

Do daily

Every daily program includes a warm-up and training. This will take you 15 minutes a day

Follow your progress

Follow the statistics of your training, improve your results, compare your achievements with those of other users


4 460 698

Number of people who are already training with Wikium

Отзыв Евгения 32 года

When time al­lows it, I try to do 10 mi­nu­tes of yo­ur trai­ning right be­fore dri­ving — this helps ac­ti­vate my atten­tion and makes me feel more con­fi­dent.

Daniel, 32

Отзыв Светланы 52 года

Now I always remember where I put things and I can even go shopping without a list, and in general, my thinking has become more structured.

Mary, 52

Отзыв Антона 27 лет

I work as a loader. I no­tic­ed that I can re­mem­ber the num­bers of items without using no­tes. Now I am able to ex­ceed the set norms.

Michael, 27


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